77 - Anatomy of an Explosion - Part 2

In the Batman: The Animated Series episode The Clock King, the Clock King throws an exploding pocket watch at Batman, but Batman is Batman and he batmans it up and remains unscathed. They had an explosion sound effect and the background painting became red and abstract, while Batman got very  high-contrast, his figure being black and white with no midtones. Then the background faded back into the original rooftop painting, and Batman returned to his ordinary coloring. I used that scene as a starting point for the second explosion I animated.

For my GI Joe parody "Whatever happened to Urban Shaft?", the character Fubar--a Snake Eyes wannabe--witnesses a missile explosion:

Here he is, squatting like he's gonna shit in the desert.


This bright flash of yellow was used to hide the fact that the original Fubar image is going to be replaced with one that has muted colors and pronounced yellow highlights.

Also, the background is different, and the rock formation's shadows and highlights reverse.

I reduced the opacity slightly...

...and then back up so it would flicker.

Here the background is transitioning back to the original painting.

Some red smoke rises from the left of the screen.

And back to the original image.

The explosion is very quick and is just filler while there's some narration. The final video is next!

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