76 - Anatomy of an Explosion - Part 1

While working on a GI Joe parody cartoon (video coming soon), it very quickly occurred to me that  I needed to learn how to animate stuff blowing up. Googling "how to make explosions" seemed like a bad idea, so I watched a buttload of cartoons instead.

Even though it's a GI Joe parody I learned from other action adventure--but non-Joe--cartoons; mainly Superman (1996)Batman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond. Zero points for guessing I'm a Bruce Timm fan.

There's a beautiful painted explosion sequence in the Superman episode New Kids in Town that makes for great studying material. I'd post the images here but I don't know if that's legal. Actually I'm too lazy to pull it up again. But it had a series of paintings that gradually went from more yellow-heavy to red-heavy. Here are the images for my first explosion:

It's a lot of work for something that only lasts a short while onscreen, but I'm happy with the final video.

B:TAS and Batman Beyond inspired the second explosion I did. Read about it in part 2! After I write it though.

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