69 - The Lap of Jersey Santa - Process

What's more appropriate for the 69th post than more Jersey Santa? Probably something 69-related. Anyway, here are process pictures of the digital painting:

Scanned pencil drawing.

Multiplied onto a gross, pukey green.

Laying down some flesh tone.

Highlights and shadows.

Detailing that handsome mug.

Elastic beard and hat.

The painting is starting to read without the pencil layer.

Yay, nipples.

Was still deciding if the mittens would be red or green. Went with red, but may change it in the cartoon itself.

Annnnd done. Kind of. I wasn't happy with the shadow so I changed that before the final.

Apparently, title cards should leave room for text. Durr. I also punched up the saturation and defined the light source more.

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