14 - Well he did one thing right...

Three cheers for Cardboard Paper's first suicide comic!
Hip-hip! HOORAY!
Hip-hip! HOORAY!
Hip-hip! HO-why bother? It's so pointless.

I hate my life.

4 complaints:

  1. Anonymous said...

    haha that's quite funny.

    You fail at life.  

  2. Pun-Fly said...

    There MUST be a joke here about him being hung, but not in the good way. After all, he's naked and there's no penis in sight.

    Pun-Fly out.  

  3. What A Lame Excuse said...

    haha your drawings are BRILLIANT!

    I'm not going to lie, I came here because your username pic reminds me of a cardboard tube version of Space Ghost. Glad I came.  

  4. Cardboard Paper - The Comic said...

    Heya Wale,

    Captain Cruel's resemblance to Space Ghost is pretty logical since we based his design on Bruce Timm's animated Batman design from 1992, which in turn was based on Alex Toth's Space Ghost model sheets. I suppose by following the chronology of it, Captain Cruel would be the most evolved of the three, but we all know that ain't true.

    Your blog's hilarious! I may have to submit a few of my own...Thanks for the support!

    - SR