Painting I did of Darkwolf from Fire and Ice. It's also inspired by Frazetta's 'Against the Gods' and 'Thor's Flight,' two of my favorites. It's probably a bad idea to swing an axe while pterodactyl-surfing near an active volcano during a thunderstorm, but if the opportunity presents itself I say go for it.

82 - Jeffrey Catherine Jones painted better than you

I've been obsessing with two things for the past month: Conan the Barbarian and the work of Jeffrey Catherine Jones.

The Society of Illustrators in NYC has a Jeff Jones exhibit until May 3rd, 2014, and if you're able, it's definitely worth checking out (even though it only scratches the surface since Jones was ridiculously prolific). It's only $10 to get in, or $5 if you look young enough to still pass as an undergrad student. Whatever, I'd feel guilty if it weren't for the fact that I also bought up the gift shop. I'll post photos from the show in the future. 

Also, Pigeons from Hell? Awesome.

Remember Olaf Jeglitza from Real McCoy? That '90s song 'Another Night'? Me neither.

Cardboard Paper - 4 - '5 Questions with Olaf 'O-Jay' Jeglitza' from Sam J Royale on Vimeo.

80 - More background paintings from Episode 3 - Pans

Episode 3 (Whatever Happened to Urban Shaft?) used some long or tall digital background paintings for pans:

79 - Some background paintings from Episode 3

These background paintings from the G.I. M.O.E. cartoon were meant to match the feel of the 1987 GI Joe cartoon.

The rocks in front of the A.I.D.S. Temple were on a separate layer:

While I don't think the G.I. Joe cartoon ever used painted characters, I threw one in for fun because of my love for the Fleischer Superman cartoons and Batman: The Animated Series: